Monday, December 22, 2014

New Year Brings New Time, New Look to A Lively Experiment

After a two-week hiatus for the holidays, A Lively Experiment - democracy with a Rhode Island accent - returns at a new time on Friday nights. Effective January 9, the first show of 2015, A Lively Experiment moves to 7 p.m. on its regular night. A Lively Experiment will continue to air at noon on Sundays on WSBE Rhode Island PBS and at 7 p.m. on Saturdays on WSBE Learn. On January 9, viewers will also get their first peek at the show's refreshed "look."

"We're excited to announce these enhancements," said Rhode Island PBS President David W. Piccerelli. "We're especially pleased to be able to respond to the community's request to move the show to a time that is more convenient for our faithful viewers." A Lively Experiment will now air immediately following Nightly Business Report.

A Lively Experiment will kick off the New Year with a new opening and new title graphics to accompany new theme music. But the biggest change planned for show's appearance is the installation of images by prominent Rhode Island photographer Richard Benjamin on the walls of the set. A photojournalist for 32 years, 27 of them at the Providence Journal, and now as a fine art photographer, Benjamin represents quintessential Rhode Island, shooting familiar locations and landmarks in ways that capture what he calls “the magic of Rhode Island.”

“The set will feature a single panoramic scene on each wall behind the panelists, softening lines and transitions,” said David Marseglia, the show’s executive producer.

“The seamless continuity of the scenery will create a serene background for the lively discussions,” said Producer Margie O’Brien. “And that’s the point,” she added. “We have great guests talking about important issues.”

The two images chosen for A Lively Experiment will depict a fresh, contemporary view of familiar scenes in the community and reflect how the state has developed and changed over time. The sweeping photos will also permit more dynamic in-studio camera work.

The set has been designed by Sheppard Leger Nowak, Inc., of East Providence, and is being sponsored by Taco, Inc., of Cranston. Installation of the murals is expected to be complete by January 9.

“We are sincerely grateful for Taco’s continued support, keen interest, and active involvement with Rhode Island PBS,” said Piccerelli. “The collaboration in this most recent update to A Lively Experiment is an excellent example. These enhancements would not be possible without Taco’s support," he said.

“Responsive changes like the ones we are planning for A Lively Experiment align with our commitment to the community to improve and expand local production,” Piccerelli said. “Our commitment is to produce and present local content for 25% of our schedule over the next five years. Fulfilling that vision takes innovative collaboration, and partnerships with businesses, community organizations, and individuals. The multi-pronged approach is to reach out to local producers, and to expand our internal production capacity as well,” said Piccerelli.

“The key to successful community partnerships is finding compatible goals, vision, and mutual benefit,” Piccerelli said. “We are thrilled to showcase Richard Benjamin’s work, and to acknowledge Taco’s philanthropy. The result of this partnership will be a new look that befits the quality content of A Lively Experiment.

Since 1987, A Lively Experiment has provided incisive review of local politics – and all politics is local. Although the look of the show may be changing, its format and host remain the same: Dyana Koelsch moderates the fast-paced analysis of the week's political events by news makers and opinion leaders.

Representing both independent and partisan viewpoints, the weekly half-hour show features a revolving panel of television, radio, newspaper, and online journalists, political scientists, pundits, economists, opinion leaders, elected and appointed officials. Panelists examine local and state issues emanating from Town Halls to Smith Hill, and even the halls of Congress and the White House.

A Lively Experiment’s popular segment, “Outrage of the Week,” will also continue. Typifying the essence of the show’s political commentary, this segment features an eclectic collection of each guest's single most significant issue, often under-reported failings and foibles of Rhode Island officials.

With a new time, an updated look, and an abundance of hot topics to discuss, A Lively Experiment will continue to ignite spirited debate, opinion, and commentary about Rhode Islanders' favorite local pastime: politics and government.

A Lively Experiment airs on WSBE Rhode Island PBS (36.1) Fridays at 7 p.m., with rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 7 p.m. on WSBE Learn (36.2), and Sundays at noon on WSBE Rhode Island PBS.

Episodes of A Lively Experiment are available online on the Rhode Island PBS YouTube channel, usually the next business day after the first broadcast. Subscribers to the YouTube channel are notified when a new episode is ready for viewing. Viewers can also find A Lively Experiment on Facebook.