Friday, November 18, 2011

Local Artists: It's the Heart of the Story

This year's Art & Artisan Auction has hundreds of beautiful works. Admittedly, that's not news - for more than two decades, WSBE Rhode Island PBS has been fortunate and sincerely grateful for the generous outpouring of support and donations from prominent and emerging artists from all over the country.

What makes this year's Art & Artisan Auction special is the surge of local artists sharing their works - and the types of works they are sharing. Many pieces are functional as well as beautiful. The collection this year includes many things you can actually use! It's not just art for your walls. The collection gives "Art" a rightfully broader definition. Just browse the collection for yourself!

As you do browse, remember that the holidays are around the corner. So many of these fine pieces make distinctive gifts. Plus, your winning bid supports WSBE Rhode Island PBS programming. Win-win-win.

Here are three short spots that highlight some of the works of local artisans: Arts in RI, the Foundry Artists Association, and Rhode Island Etsy artists. Enjoy! There is much more on the auction site.

This piece is called Smashing Against Rocks. No, artist Deb Hall of Zur Designs didn't get angry! She just wanted to see what patterns would emerge if she hammered the copper against rocks. The results are stunning.

Deb finished the bracelet with softened square edges for a sleek and modern look. The cuff measures 6 1/4 inches and is meant to accommodate a size 7. It's beautifully wrapped, so it's ready for gift-giving. Feel the sensation of Smashing Against Rocks!