Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We've Been Adding Items to the Rhode Island PBS Arts Auction!

So many artists and galleries came through with exceptional donations in the last ten days that our auction staff has been scrambling to show them all - and their descriptions - on our site. As of today, about three dozen new pieces (including Al Albrektson's "Low Tide" - shown) have been added. We actually have about a dozen more to photograph, write up and post!

Visit our website anytime and see the artworks donated in support of Rhode Island PBS. And you can bid right now online! Later this month, from October 16 through 24, please drop by the Rhode Island Convention Center to see our collection in person.

In addition, you can see many our fine artworks on our preview show currently running on WSBE Rhode Island PBS (digital 36.1) and WSBE Learn (digital 36.2).

Your High Bid Supports a Great Cause!

This auction supports the Rhode Island PBS Programming Fund, helping provide fine, public television programming for all of Southeastern New England.

A Debt of Gratitude:

None of this would be possible without our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers - and everyone who bids. To all of you, our benefactors: Thank You!