Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Clear (or colored, or twisted, or frosted, or etched) as Glass!

Gallery Belleau

Creative individuals work in all kinds of media, including some that may not readily come to mind when discussing the subject of art.

Take glass: We carry liquids in it and drink from it. It keeps the weather out of our houses; and in our cars, it protects us wind and debris as we drive, while letting us clearly see the road ahead. Yes, glass is practical.

But it's also beautiful, a medium of artistic expression. Artisans like Chris Belleau shape it while molten, creating beautiful objects like flowers and the Permanent Wave (shown above), capturing fluid motion in a solid object! Larry Winslow turns it into exquisite stained glass lamps. Dorian Webb and Bonnie Perry use it to create fine jewelry. Fire and Ice Studios and Tracy Glover make the practical beautiful. And Alice Benvie Gebhart creates decorative interpretations of everyday surroundings.

So, let's lift a glass to the creative spirit expressed in the Arts Auction!

Larry Winslow
Dorian Webb
Bonnie Perry
Fire and Ice Studios
Tracy Glover
Alice Benvie Gebhart