Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Thanksgiving, go to the CIRCUS!

So, how are you enjoying CIRCUS so far? The final two episodes are coming up...

What? You haven't seen it yet?

Well, good news for you! WSBE Rhode Island PBS presents all six dramatic hours - including the final two brand new episodes - on Thanksgiving evening, starting at 5 P.M.

After the Thanksgiving feast is done, and before the pie is completely devoured, join the legendary Big Apple Circus. It's an unforgettable journey from the big top to the "back lot," where nail-biting drama unfolds both high in the air and down on the ground, and the real heart of the circus beats.

CIRCUS goes behind the scenes to explore a distinctive world with its own rules and lingo and no fixed address. The documentary reveals the sights, sounds, and stories of the fascinating cultural legacy of the circus in unprecedented breadth and scope. Escape into a place of passion, excitement, perseverance and even heartache. From the training and rehearsals to the bravery and the intensity of life - and work - in the circus, the cameras capture it all. And you have a front-row seat, as members of the Big Apple family experience life-changing moments.

5 P.M.:   "First of May"
6 P.M.:   "One Ring Family"
7 P.M.:   "Change On!"
8 P.M.:   "Survival of the Fittest"
9 P.M.:   "Born to be Circus" NEW
10 P.M.: "Down the Road" NEW

WSBE Rhode Island PBS transmits over the air on digital 36.1; Cox/Verizon/Full Channel 08; DirecTV 36; Dish Network 7776; ComCast subscribers, please check local listings for the channel number in your area.