Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, but there's a new episode of A Lively Experiment for Sunday, 11/28

From all of us at A Lively Experiment and WSBE Rhode Island PBS, we hope you enjoyed a bountiful Thanksgiving... and that any debates about politics were kept to a minimum at the dinner table.

Although our panelists enjoyed Thanksgiving with their families (and we aired special programming on Thanksgiving evening), the panelists did come in to the studio at another time to tape a new episode of A Lively Experiment for broadcast on Sunday at noon.

Here's who gathered around the table, and what they served:

Jim Hagan – Moderator

Bernard Jackvony – attorney, former Lieutenant Governor and
        former chair of the Rhode Island GOP
Maureen Moakley – Professor, University of Rhode Island political science
Catherine Taylor – former Republican candidate for Secretary of State

Robert Walsh - executive director, National Education Association RI and
        member of Governor-elect Chafee’s transition team

  • The role played by the Moderate Party during the recent gubernatorial race
  • The agenda for the upcoming General Assembly session

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