Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blenko Glass: Behind the Scenes

Beautiful Blenko piece made for
Rhode Island PBS viewers

Sparkle, color, shape. Each piece of Blenko glassware is recognizable yet unique. Now Blenko: Behind the Scenes takes viewers into the heat and heart of the Blenko glassworks to see how the beautiful all-handmade glassware is created, from mixing the raw materials, to blowing, finishing, and shipping.

This brand new, high-definition program also introduces the artisans who make each piece of glassware beautiful and unique, and members of the Blenko family who continue this proud 100-year tradition in the little town of Milton, West Virginia. 

Aired as part of the December fundraising period to benefit Rhode Island PBS, Blenko: Behind the Scenes affords viewers a special opportunity to own one or more Blenko originals. There is even a beautiful blue vase made especially for Rhode Island PBS viewers. Tune in on Wednesday, December 5 at 9:30 p.m. for details.