Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pssst... come take a peek at the "New" Barrington Beach house!

Saturday's (January 7) front-page story in the "Decor" section of The Providence Journal featured this huge half-page "after" photo of the Barrington Beach house project on This Old House! Please click on it for a larger view.

(Photo credit: Mary Murphy for The Providence Journal)
The photo below is a "before" picture from This Old House Web site. Although it's hard to believe, the two photos are taken from almost the same angle and location on the house lot (notice the stairs on the far right edge of both pictures):

Written by Bryan Rourke, The Providence Journal article focuses on builder Andrew Tiplady's practical solutions to the unusual challenges posed by weather and environment on an ocean-front wooden structure. To quote the article, "What works in the woods of West Greenwich won't necessarily work on Barrington Beach." Rourke packs into his article some fascinating information about the choice of materials and techniques used in the renovation, sharing Tiplady's rationale along the way. I'd love to include a link to the article here, but the newspaper Web site is undergoing a complete makeover of its own

To actually see this sea-side cottage undergo its transformation, the first of 10 episodes (not 10 consecutive weeks) airs on WSBE Rhode Island PBS on Saturday, January 28 at 4:30 P.M. The following week, February 4, episode one repeats at 4 P.M., followed by episode two at 4:30 P.M. This scheduling gives you the option of watching the entire series at either 4:30 P.M. starting January 28, or at 4 P.M. starting February 4.

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