Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Straight No Chaser

More than a dozen years ago, 10 college friends realized they all loved to sing and decided to start an a cappella singing group. None of them thought it would be anything more than something fun to do throughout college. Nor did they think that new members would want to join after some members graduated. But the group and its popularity grew to become Straight No Chaser.

While their first full length albums featured Christmas music, the band was never just about the holidays, and their most recent release, “With a Twist,” is finally getting them back to their roots of reinventing popular songs to make them stand out.

In a musical landscape that is so inundated with digitally processed sounds and dark themes, Straight No Chaser offers an orchestra of pure human voices with a sense of humor. This group has been credited with “reinventing a cappella in a modern pop landscape” and having fun while doing it. Just watch the video to see how much fun they have!

The young men of Straight No Chaser bring all that fun and talent to the Rhode Island Center for Performing Arts at the Historic Park Theatre on Park Avenue in Cranston on Sunday, November 21st. WSBE Rhode Island PBS is pleased to offer tickets to this unique concert experience.

Tune in on Thursday, September 9 at 9:30 PM to watch and enjoy their televised concert special, Straight No Chaser Live in New York, and to get details about tickets to their local live performance in Cranston.