Thursday, November 19, 2009

Special Thanksgiving Programming

Before, between, and after all of the meeting, greeting, heating, seating, and eating you may be planning for Thanksgiving Day, WSBE Rhode Island PBS has ideal family entertainment. We're ready when you are!

Wednesday, November 25

8 P.M. AMERICAN MASTERS Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character
(Re-broadcast on Thanksgiving Day at 3:30 P.M.)

9:30 P.M. James Stewart: A Wonderful Life
(re-broadcast on Thanksgiving Day at 2 P.M.)

The program salutes one of Hollywood's best-loved actors. Stewart, who started his career as a magician and accordionist, rose to stardom portraying ordinary men who called on their interior strengths to accomplish extraordinary things. Produced and directed by David Heeley and hosted by Johnny Carson, James Stewart: A Wonderful Life features interviews with Hollywood luminaries and visits to the sets of Stewart's most popular films, creating a moving tribute to a truly unforgettable actor.

Thursday, November 26 (Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)

2 P.M. Re-broadcast of James Stewart: A Wonderful Life

3:30 P.M. Re-broadcast of AMERICAN MASTERS Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character

5 P.M. Full 6-hour series Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America

Friday, November 27

1 - 6 P.M. Wishbone marathon.  
#201 “Halloween Hound: The Legend of the Creepy Collars" The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Part 1
#202 "Halloween Hound" Part 2
#203 “The Prince of Wags” Henry IV
#204 “Groomed for Greatness” Great Expectations
#205 “A Bone of Contention” The Courtship of Miles Standish
#206 “War of the Noses” The Black Arrow
#207 “Moonbone” The Moonstone
#208 “Barking at Buddha” Monkey
#209 “Pup Fiction” Northanger Abbey
#210 “The Roamin’ Nose” The Aeneid

8:30 P.M. MASTERPIECE CLASSIC Wuthering Heights
The Earnshaw children expect gifts from their father when he returns to Wuthering Heights after a trip, but are instead greeted with the arrival of Heathcliff, a young Gypsy boy who has come to live with them. Quiet and mysterious, Heathcliff is befriended by Cathy Earnshaw, and the two become inseparable. In adulthood, their bond deepens to love, but a forced absence opens Cathy to the affections of a different suitor — Edgar Linton. Given the choice between a life of comfort and a profound love, Cathy's actions have repercussions for multiple generations in this haunting story of turbulent passion and revenge. Tom Hardy (Oliver Twist) stars as Heathcliff, with newcomer Charlotte Riley as Cathy. Watch behind-the-scenes video here.