Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Connecting with art

Making a Connection

A personal favorite station event of mine is the Rhode Island PBS Arts Auction. Some incredible original and limited-edition signed and numbered artist reproductions are available, usually at enormous savings. Plus I get to support local public television, a "cause" in which I strongly believe. For me, it's a win-win (as are all of our auctions, actually).

But there's something about the Arts Auction that elevates my spirit in a different way - the beauty of art. Connecting with the artist on a personal level of silent understanding; I "get" what the artist wanted to convey, and I am touched by it, moved, satisfied. Of course, there are always works I see that do not make that connection with me. Those are the pieces others will buy - folks with whom a personal connection is made. 

Find Your Style

Make your connection. Find your style. For sure, it's there! The 2009 Arts Auction ends this Sunday, October 25. Items are both on the Web and on exhibit at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence.

There's no Arts Auction on TV this year. Everything is online; please feel free to browse for your favorite items and bid!

Even better, visit our collection in person at the RI Convention Center, if you can. There is nothing like seeing a work up-close, to see the variations of light and dark, and nuances of color. This applies to jewelry, pottery, and sculpture, as well as the paintings. As good as the online photos are, you get a different perspective - and appreciation - at the exhibit.

Currently, all items are displayed in the street-level West Lobby. Thursday we'll move 30 premiere artworks upstairs to the Providence Fine Furnishings Show, which runs Friday-Sunday. Everything else stays in the West Lobby. You can bid on every item through Sunday evening either downtown or on our Web site (

Put an item "On Watch": A Way To Track Its Progress Before You Bid

As a registered bidder, you can follow your favorite items - even if you're not yet ready to bid. Watch them by clicking "Add to My Items" on the description pages, next to the pictures. Then, visit "My Items" to track them. You can even get email alerts when they receive bids.

- Lucie Raposo Houle