Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five Days and Counting to the 2010 Spring Auction!

Less Than a Week Away!
As our production crew begins getting the studio ready for our televised auction - seen on WSBE Rhode Island PBS Monday, April 26 through Friday, April 30, from 7 – 11pm each evening - we continue adding more items to our inventory. Donors have been generous as the deadline to line up items for broadcast closes in.

And you know what that means: Check our site often because that special item you're looking for could show up tomorrow if it's not there today!

Among the items posted within the last 48 hours are a Dyer 7' 11" Midget Dinghy - one of the most popular tenders in the yachting world; three 60-foot packs of GutterBrush, the Simple Gutter Guard; and two participation packages to this year's Newport Concours - one of the top classic car events on the East Coast.

Remember that bidding high helps us pay for excellent programming the entire family can watch on Rhode Island PBS.

It's Easy to Bid!
Here's how the auction works: We show all the items available for bidding on our website as soon as we can after they’re donated. We’ll also show most of them on WSBE Rhode Island PBS during the televised auction. You can call in and bid during the live broadcast, if you’d like. But our operators will enter your bids via computer, so bidding online streamlines the process for you by “cutting out the middleman” - even if you’re watching us on TV!

Please Register if You Haven't Already!
Registering takes moments. It’s necessary because our system must "recognize" a bidder before it accepts a bid. If you try to register and bid as an item is closing, you may not be able to finish in time to get it. If you’re not already registered just visit our homepage and click "register to bid" to get started. It’s under the yellow "S" in "Spring Auction" at the top of the page.