Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Rhode Island PBS Spring Auction Launches Online

It's here! It's time to browse and bid on any number of great items, while helping support the fine programming on Rhode Island PBS. Seven hundred items have been donated by generous merchants, artisans, restaurateurs, contractors, gardeners, and others!

We're posting items as quickly as we can to make them available for your bids. But what's on the site now is only a fraction of the number of items we'll be offering - so keep checking back! And remember - high bids help us pay for programming for the entire family here on Rhode Island PBS.

Pre-register*, preview, and bid!

See something you like? No need to wait until the auction is on TV, April 26 - 30. Bid now!

If you'd like, you can set up a proxy bid. This way, you can set a maximum you're willing to pay for an item. If others bid on the same piece, our auction hosting software will increase your bid on your behalf, by the minimum increment above the competing bid - but only to your maximum. If you're outbid we'll send you an email letting you know. Then, unless the item is about to close, you'll have the chance to decide if you'd like to increase your bid.

*Pre-Registering takes just moments, but please don't wait until moments count! Pre-register now. Here's why: Our system must "recognize" a bidder before it accepts a bid. If you're unregistered and try to bid as an item is closing, you may not be able to bid in time to get it.