Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 1: Rhode Island PBS Spring Auction has $60,000 in Bids

Day 1 of the live auction is now in the history books. It was a fun night - even if it was considerably quieter than past years. With all of the bidding taking place online, the phones don't ring as much, and there is less chaos and running around to collect and post paper bids on the boards. It's not a bad thing - it was certainly more "civilized" than I've seen it in past years. :)

We had some talented and fun-loving auctioneers: Ben Hague of The Rhode Show on Fox, mornings at 8; Paul Fuller of Paul & Al mornings on WHJY; Jim Cummings from Bank of America - the evening's sponsors - and Mike Sheridan, whose radio voice has long kept you out of traffic jams. Of course, the King of the Gift Certificate boards, Dave Richards of WOON 1240 AM radio, kept the bargains rolling while entertaining the phone bank volunteers and viewers.

Speaking of watch, Day 2 of the televised auction starts at 7 tonight. Guest auctioneers include John DePetro of 630 WPRO-AM; Eric Hofer, owner of the Comedy Connection; Michelle Muscatello of WPRI 12, Katherine Ferrington of the Newport Visitors Bureau; and Barry Mechanic, publisher of The Pawtucket Times and The Woonsocket Call. Dave Richards and Mike Sheridan will join us again, too.  

We currently have $60,000 in bids! Thank you so much for your support! The programming you enjoy watching so much on Rhode Island PBS depends on this money we raise. Pat yourself on the back for keeping on the air the shows you like to watch. : )