Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Beautiful Sound: RI Philharmonic Orchestrates Inspiration on Rhode Island PBS

Music Director Larry Rachleff conducts the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra at The VETS in Providence
Photo credit: Ray Larson

The new documentary A Beautiful Sound: RI Philharmonic introduces and showcases the Rhode Island Philharmonic and Music School as a unique and valuable asset to the state of Rhode Island. A Beautiful Sound: RI Philharmonic describes the complexities and the accomplishments of the orchestra and school through interviews with members of the organization. The film premieres on Rhode Island PBS on Sunday, August 2 at 6 p.m. as part of the station's ongoing weekly series, Rhode Island Stories, which features documentaries about local people, places, and events.

The history of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra dates back to 1945 and the film includes an interview with founder Francis Madeira. The Philharmonic's program continues to be a model for orchestras around the country, not only for its fine professional performances but as one of the only programs in the country that provides its own music school.

Weaving history with contemporary mission and future vision, A Beautiful Sound: RI Philharmonic delivers a new and different musical experience, illustrating the ageless inspiration and dedication of its musical members of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, students and instructors, board members and musicians. The film is imbued with their passionate expression of the importance of music and music education.

In the words of Philharmonic's Music Director Larry Rachleff, "[Music] can teach you how to feel. It can teach you how to express. It gives you an opportunity to say things without word that you always wanted to say but, because of whatever reason, you can't."

Although the emotional response to music is largely an individual experience - even in large concert halls surrounded by thousands - the performance experience is interactive and interdependent, uniting musicians with each other and with the conductor, and with the audience.

"[Music] gives you purpose and creates a social fabric for you," Rachleff continues. "Rarely is there an instrument that you don't do with others."

"The Philharmonic Orchestra is a public treasure and source of pride for our state," said David W. Piccerelli, president of WSBE Rhode Island PBS. "And the Music School allows new generations of musicians to learn from seasoned professional performers. Rhode Island PBS is pleased to share this continuity of music appreciation with the community."

After its premiere on August 2, A Beautiful Sound: RI Philharmonic will encore on Tuesday, August 4 at 8 p.m. on WSBE Learn, and on Saturday, August 8 at 11 p.m. on WSBE Rhode Island PBS.