Tuesday, October 23, 2012

They're Ba-ack! Third Episode of Haunted RI Premieres October 24

Since the premiere of its first episode in the spring of 2011, Haunted RI has taken audiences to some well-known and some unfamiliar legendary Rhode Island sites of reported paranormal activity. Rhode Island PBS is pleased to introduce the third episode on Wednesday, October 24. The spooky night begins at 8 P.M. with the original Haunted RI, followed by Haunted RI: The Legends of Dolly Cole at 9 P.M., then the premiere of Haunted RI 3 at 10 P.M.

In the third chapter, director Jason Mayoh expands on the story initially explored in episode one: the possibility that the vampire legend of Mercy Brown may have influenced Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. They also visit the gravesite of Sarah Tillinghast, whose vampire legend pre-dates Mercy Brown's story by a hundred years.

The Haunted RI crew also walks in the footsteps of Native American spirits and demons at Devil's Foot Rock in North Kingstown. An interview with Dr. Michael Bell exposes not just the legend and its variations, but his successful work to preserve the historic site from destruction by development.

The first episode of Haunted RI has quickly become a fan favorite. The team visits the Exeter grave site of Mercy Brown, Rhode Island's "last vampire." Then, it's north to the woods of Foster to Ramtail Mill, site of decades of reports of strange lights and sounds after the mysterious death in 1822 of the night watchman, Peleg Walker. Joining the investigation and filmmaking team of Brian Harnois, Jason Mayoh, and Christian White are the storytellers Dr. Michael Bell, Thomas D'Agostino, Keith Johnson, and Rory Raven.

In episode two, the team returns the dense forests that line Tucker Hollow Road and Ramtail Road in Foster to sort out The Legends of Dolly Cole, in the company of Andrew Lake and Thomas D'Agostino. Of all the reports of hauntings by dead mill workers and plague victims, no name has earned itself more prominence – and confusion – than that of Dolly Cole. She was a witch, a vampire, a murdered prostitute who dressed in men's clothing... She lost her daughter – or maybe it was a son – in a fire set by neighbors afraid of this Witch of Foster. She was murdered in the woods at age 27; she drowned in the stream near her house; she is the “Woman in White” seen by hunters, fishermen, and local residents for decades, most of whom are reluctant to speak of their experiences above a whisper.

Haunted RI - it's where history meets mystery, the historical greets the hysterical. It's fun, surprising, informative - and brought to you exclusively by WSBE Rhode Island PBS. See for yourself. You know you want to look...