Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating Winners and Losers: An Alternative to The Big Game

Our Two Teams

Yes, we know THIS is New England Patriots country. We also know that even those who are only marginal football fans (or not fans at all) will huddle in front of the TV tonight to watch The Big Game - it's a great party op with friends and family!

Still, we at WSBE Rhode Island PBS know that there are those of you who just don't watch football under any circumstances, no matter who is playing or what championship title is on the line.

For you, we offer a match-up of two other championship teams: From 8 P.M. to 11 P.M. tonight, you can watch two plays of Antiques Roadshow and Priceless Antiques Roadshow. Celebrating winners and losers in a different way. Without tackles and interceptions. (Cheering is optional.)

8 P.M. Antiques Roadshow: In Eugene, Oregon, this episode includes Ty Cobb-autographed memorabilia; an original "Rosemary's Baby" drawing by art designer Clem Hall; and a 1919 oil painting by Norman Rockwell that's valued at $500,000. Also: a McKenzie River fishing expedition.

9 P.M. (BBC) Priceless Antiques Roadshow: Objects related to slavery and its abolition.

9:30 P.M. Antiques Roadshow: In Palm Springs, items include a 1937 painting by American abstract expressionist Clyfford Still that's valued at $500,000. Also: collector Jim McCarty asks for help with recovering paintings stolen from his collection.

10:30 P.M. (BBC) Priceless Antiques Roadshow: Fiona Bruce looks back at some of the most memorable moments from the last 31 years of the (European) Antiques Roadshow.  Also: a glass artist is remembered by glass expert Andy McConnell.

By the way, do you have your ticket yet to the Rhode Island PBS Antiques Discovery and Appraisal Show? It's coming in two weeks on February 18!