Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPECIAL EDITION A Lively Experiment 6/25 (and Sunday, 6/28 @noon)

Here's what's up tonight on a Special Edition of A Lively Experiment at 7PM (re-broadcast on Sunday, 6/28 at noon).


JIM HAGAN – Moderator
DAVE LAYMAN – Former TV News Anchor
BRUCE LANG – Businessman / Advocate for Good Government
DENISE AIKEN – Former R.I. Representative / R.I. Legal Services
LOU PULNER – Legal Analyst


The State Budget: Winners & Losers

Charter Schools

Pension Reforms

And just before the Outrage of the Week, look for a very special video tribute to JIM GARRETT, retiring producer of A Lively Experiment since the very beginning some twenty years ago. (He's way too young for retirement, but I digress.)

You'll see some familiar faces from the earlier days of the show (Susan Farmer, Steve Kass, Mary Ann Sorrentino), as well as a great mix of more recent panelists (Arlene Violet, Representative Robert Watson, Representative Joseph Trillo, Maureen Moakley, Ron St. Pierre, Dave Layman, Bob Walsh), each delivering warm greetings and humorous quips - not unlike Jim would do himself!

Congratulations, Jim, and thank you! May you enjoy a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement.