Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Woof! Clifford and Martha Visit Barnes & Noble for Rhode Island PBS

Buying a book, music CD, or movie for this weekend? Here's a great idea and painless way to support Rhode Island PBS by doing something you plan to do anyway.

On Thursday, April 2, all three Barnes & Noble Booksellers in RI will host a "Bookfair" to benefit Rhode Island PBS. The B&N Bookfair starts at 9 AM and runs all day through closing at 10 PM in the Warwick, Smithfield, and Middletown Barnes & Noble stores.

The way it works is simple:

1. Download and print out THIS SPECIAL VOUCHER

2. Take it with you to your local Barnes & Noble store

3. Buy books, magazines, music, movies - even refreshments from the in-store cafe!

4. Present the voucher at the register and a portion of your purchase will be donated by Barnes & Noble to Rhode Island PBS.

That's it! Use a gift card or your B&N membership card for discount savings! The restrictions are minimal: purchase of textbooks, magazine subscriptions, or gift cards are not eligible.

Also, vouchers must be printed beforehand and brought with you to the store; no vouchers will be distributed in the stores. Feel free to pass vouchers along to family and friends, too! There's no limit to the number of vouchers you can pass around.

As a thank you for your support, there's lots of fun in store (pardon the pun)!

For the kids, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Martha from Martha Speaks will visit the Smithfield and Warwick stores; sing along with Grammy winner Bill Harley; play in Bananagrams tournaments (ages 7 and up), hug or high-five Tunes the Turtle from Coast 93.3 Kidz 'n' Family Club.

For the grown ups, David Bettencourt, director of the documentary "You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park" will autograph his new book, Rocky Point Park (Images of America); live music by Eric Fontana, Eric French, Joseph Fletcher, John Fuzek, Jacqueline Bartlett, Chris Monti with Nick Pagano, Steve Allain.

Check the times and locations of all these activities on the RI PBS Kids Club calendar.